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Battle Siege Royale provides a gaming experience that is both unique and memorable, offering hours of quality replay value. The concept is simple, defend your fortress, choose your siege weapon, protect your lands and outlast the enemy. If you and your castle can make it to the end you will be crowned champion of the siege!

  1. Pick from three weapon types
  2. Relive Historic Battles
  3. Outlast the other kingdoms

Battle Siege Royale has combat and movement controls similar to a tank game with a gameplay style similar to a battle royale. You choose either a ballista, trebuchet or catapult, defend your castle (the only place you can go to repair your damaged weapon) and destroy your enemy's siege weapons and castles before they can destroy yours! Offering a dynamic blend of offense as well as defense, Battle Siege Royale makes the battle royale genre a little more interesting.


The fastest and most agile of all the siege weapons, the ballista is easy to drive, steer and aim; however, it is also has the smallest punch of all siege engines. Having a lighter frame and lighter projectile makes the ballista an easy target for the more powerful siege weapons. If fast repetitive blasts and close combat are your style, the ballista is the perfect choice. Originally pioneered by the early Romans, the ballista made its way through history as a tried and true siege weapon, landing itself in medieval warfare throughout Europe. Due to scarcity of resources and the advent of newer inventions, the ballista was a less common weapon than the trebuchet or catapult. The design of the ballista is similar to a great crossbow, set upon wheels and launching a great iron bolt.


Not as agile as the ballista, but not as slow as the trebuchet, the catapult is the tried and true siege engine of medieval warfare. The catapult has a sturdier frame and heavier projectile than the ballista, making it stronger against attacks and more devastating towards enemies. For those players that like balance, the catapult is for you. Perhaps the most widely recognized siege weapon of all time, the catapult was actually pioneered earlier than the ballista by the Greeks. Countless variations made their way to the battle field throughout history, but the basic design remained the same. A bucket tied under tension would be pulled back with a large stone and released to launch the stone great distances.


The undisputed king of the siege engines, the trebuchet launches the most powerful projectiles (with the largest impact radius) and boasts the strongest frame. All of this power comes at a cost; however, with the trebuchet being painfully slow and awkward to steer. If over-powered raw muscle is your style, the trebuchet is the key to your victory. The largest and perhaps most powerful siege weapon was the trebuchet (although much less mobile). Perhaps originally created by the Chinese as the early mangonel, a manually powered type of trebuchet, the larger and more powerful trebuchet is debated as to its origins. Some speculate the Norman English created the first, while others speculate the Franks. Nevertheless, this powerful siege engine wreaks havoc anywhere it goes. The weapon has a long arm attached to a heavy counter weight and held by a release rope or hook. When the arm is released the counterweight thrusts the arm forward launching even the heaviest of projectiles.

Castles are a key mechanic in Battle Siege Royale and they contribute greatly to the game's very strategic gameplay. Your castle is where you spawn on the map and while inside it you slowly regain health. You can either hold your castle and wait for the enemies to attack or you can choose to go on the offensive to try however you will then be leaving your castle open to attacks. All castles, buildings and walls are destructible so you can have the satisfaction of sieging them to dust.

Set in North Wales during the High Middle Ages, you fight the English for your homeland and birthright, reliving the historic battles of Owain Glyndŵr, the great Welsh Hero! Traverse across the countryside, reclaiming each kingdom one by one until all of North Wales is once again yours!