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AI Art & Animation by Artflow.ai

We have been using Artflow.ai to create much of our concept art and 2D graphics. Artflow generously offered our studio 5,000 credits to help develop our game. Create your own AI art at https://artflow.ai/

Simulation Sounds by Seamus McMorrow

The music and audio produced in our games is brought to you by Seamus McMorrow. For your own custom music and sounds visit https://simulationsounds.com/

Graphic Design by Newt Welch

The UI of our games to the graphics on this website, Newt Welch has brought the visual theme to Skjöld Games. If you're looking for some custom graphics or help with your web development needs, Newt is a multifaceted expert with experience in Adobe Suite, Affinity, C#, HTML/CSS and much more. Visit https://newtwelch.com for your custom designs.