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Jordan Heaton

Ray Ackerly

Game Art and Programming Lead Programmer

With an extensive background in Blender 3D Modelling, modding and programming, Jordan set out to apply his skills to full game development. He enjoys roleplaying games mostly, but also finds time for real-time and turn based strategy games.

The founder and operator of Dragon Design and Development, Ray has an extensive background in C++ programming for Unreal Engine. He is currently working on a revolutionary machine learning system that will allow NPCs and AI creatures to adapt to game environments.

Newt Welch

Seamus McMorrow

2D Art and User Interface Audio Engineer

When it comes to graphic design and 2D art, Skjöld Games has been blessed with the talent and tenacity of Newt Welch. His art is featured throughout the user interface of our games, the promotional box art, logos and even many of the elements of this very website. Newt is one of our original team members, with much of his designs used in Battle Siege Royale as well as The Old Forest. Newt is open to freelance contracts and we can promise, you won't be disappointed with the work!

Those sweet melodies you hear throughout The Old Forest are the craft of our audio engineer Seamus McMorrow. His attention to detail and willingness to refine until perfection is achieved go beyond something monetary to a next level that stems from a love of the art. Please listen to our game soundtrack and you'll know right away the caliber that Seamus brings to the team. Seamus is available for contract for your next project, or you can support him by purchasing the game soundtrack from Steam. 100% of the proceeds go directly to him.